Introduction to IMERA Collaboration
       Built upon the infrastructure of ThinNetworkTM platform, IMERA Collaboration is a network virtualization solution that aims at security and auditing. Once deployed, hosts and audiences are both provided with the secure remote access and real-time collaboration functions under the managed networking environment. Thus, both parties are no longer in need of transmitting intellectual properties (IP) over the internet, and it’s easy and fast to demonstrate all the related information and interact online with multiple parties via patented secure mode. Moreover, this platform supports simultaneous user log-on along with managed file transmission, which requires a separate license.
       For example, when the owner of intellectual property (IP) agrees to engage in further discussion with the potential buyer, he/she may be able to demonstrate all the related asset data to the potential buyer and highlight the key features with a mouse click that acts as a pen, all is made possible with the help of “shared application.” This way both parties will be able to conduct a real-time discussion without the need of a business travel. During the information sharing period, confidentiality is strictly monitored by this system and the potential buyer won't be able to download any of the assets from the portal without first getting read access right from the owner, thus protecting the IP owner from unwanted IP theft and communication efficiency enhanced.

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QuickStart Guide
QuickStart Guide: Meeting Center
QuickStart Guide: Add Peer